Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Local News Reports on Kidz Quiltz

Kidz Quiltz was featured on 9News on Memorial Day.  Watch the below link to see Wilma Hamilton and Deann Anderson represent our passion for helping the children.


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  1. Kidz Quiltz has been in trasition for a while now. We sold our building in Fort Lupton and are working from my home. My husband, Lyle and I are both 77 years old and needed to slow down. We are still working Kidz Quiltz part time. When we sold the building in September 2018; we had shipped 7.500 quilts to kids all over the world since 2005. May not be many, but they are all hand made with love. We are so grateful for the many volunteers, businesses and supporters who have been on this journey with us. To know some kids were wrapped in love with a quilt means so much to us. I'll be back. Wilma