Saturday, June 30, 2012

Working to Help Colorado Fire Victims

We know it's been awhile, but we've been busy!  Recently we were able to send 115 quilts to Indian Reservations in SD and AZ, 50 quilts to Mexico and on Thursday, June 28, we sent 45 quilts (the first of many) to Colorado Springs to aid those devastated by the Waldo Fire.

Our hearts are heavy for our neighbors who have lost so much with the many recent fires in Colorado.  Over the next month, we will focus our efforts to help those affected by the fires.  In addition to those quilts being made at Kidz Quiltz (we're open to the public for sewing Monday - Friday, from 10a - 5p), we are accepting donations of new or nearly new quilts at our facility.  These quilts/blankets will be distributed to those who so desperately need our help right now as they piece their lives back together.

For more information, please contact Wilma Hamilton at 303-857-8600.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hi, this is Wilma, founder and President of Kidz Quiltz. Thanks for following our blog. It has really expanded around the world since we started. We are growing at Kidz Quiltz. In January we shipped 100 quilts to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The winters there can be brutal. Other quilts went to local kids before Christmas. Our total now is 3,833 quilts for kids. including Eastern Europe in 2009, Haiti in 2010 and Joplin, MO in 2011. We will have a quilting day at Fort Lupton, CO all day March1oth. at Kidz Quiltz.
We have a new chapter started in September in Arnold MO. Our new chapter run by Rachel Arnold will have their first big quilting day on February 18th at the Arnold Rec Center.

Our goal is to have 12 new chapters in different states and give 1,000 quilts in 2012. If you, or someone you know would be interested in working with Kidz Quiltz e-mail us at
Thanks for your support and interest in helping kids that are less fornunate.

Friday, January 27, 2012



Grand Total: 3,781

2011 Overview

2011 was a great year for Kidz Quiltz.

Not only were we able to give away 593 quilts to tornado victims, World Vision, local Food Banks, and others, but every day was busy with volunteers and people performing community service making quilts.

We started a new chapter of Kidz Quiltz in Arnold, Missouri. We're very thankful for Rachel Arnold to be leading this chapter.

We were also able through countless donations, make the final payment on our building!

We thank the Lord for continuing to provide for Kidz Quiltz. While we still have some financial burdens, we recognize that God is working and He has blessed Kidz Quiltz beyond our imagination. We look forward to a great 2012.

Taking 105 quilts to Joplin

In September, Lyle and Wilma Hamilton loaded up 105 quilts to take to the Joplin area that had been devastated by the tornado earlier in 2011.

The quilts went to Rural Compassion where Steve Donaldson was their to receive these quilts and help distribute them to families in need.

Paying Off our Building

In late September 2011, Kidz Quiltz made its final payment on our mortgage. The building is officially ours! You may remember the photo on our blog of the piano for sale. Well, the piano sold and that money went to good use in helping us make that final payment.

Above photo: Rosie James, Tony Sandoval, and Wilma Hamilton, President