Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, it's been awhile since Kidz Quiltz has updated their blog. We've been busy!

In April we decided to move from our building. With the economy as it is, it just wasn't making sense to stay where we were. Now, we're working out of our President Wilma Hamilton's basement and more of our funds are able to go straight to supplies needed to make these quilts for needy children.

While we hope this is a temporary place for Kidz Quiltz, we are still hard at work. Here are some photos from June's quilting day.

Volunteers taking advantage of the gorgeous weather outside to tie these quilts.

Board Members, Corrie Nell and Nancy Masdin tie-tacking quilts.

President, Wilma Hamilton working at a station in her basement.

Cindy working on a quilt that will go to Cameroon, Africa in September.

Rosie working hard.